The Finnish Bahá'í Summer School

Next year’s Finnish Bahá’í Summer School will be organized at the Alkio College in Korpilahti close to Jyväskylä on 23-27 July 2020.


The Summer School is built on the spirit of service, and everybody’s contribution is invaluable. We invite you to join us with a kindly and radiant heart – to learn, to participate and to create an unforgettable, family-friendly summer event. Let us remember that every little deed, done with love, is important for the forging and maintaining of our summer schools.


If you have any questions after reviewing the information below, do not hesitate to email us: kesakoulut(at)

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The Summer School is a national event of the Finnish Bahá'í Community. It is a happening in which people meet one another, study together, deepen on, and become acquainted with the Bahá'í writings, and participate in a wide range of activities. All over the world various Bahá'í communities arrange similar types of schools.

The National Bahá'í Summer School is held generally around the same time each year, at the end of June and the beginning of July. It lasts around four to five days. The general participation is around 200 to 300 people per school.


The Summer School is held at the Alkio College in Korpilahti, about 30 kilometers from the centre of Jyväskylä.

Alkio College, Tähtiniementie 26, Korpilahti

Arriving by bus

Bus times can be found on and Jyväskylän reittiopas, which actually runs the route. The closest bus stop is called Korpilahti and it is about 15 minutes by foot from the venue, or 10 minutes by car.


The pricing for the Summer School is viewable here.


Please register early to ensure your place at the Summer School! Registration is open here: Before filling out the form, make sure to select the "In English" option, to change the language of the registration form to English.


During the school there are arranged lectures and group discussions dealing with the theme of each school. The school themes generally deal with subjects of present day importance, and the multifaceted development of the individual, the community, and humankind.

Besides lectures and group discussions, there are many workshops: workshops concerning the deepening of school themes or present-day subjects through discussion, workshops developing various artistic or crafts, workshops for children and pre-youth, physical education workshops, as well as workshops for volunteering.

Children also have their own program during the main lectures. Children ages 5 to 14 have classes for their specific age group. During the school there is also an evening "Youth Forum" for youth and pre-youth.


Every morning and evening the friends join together at a certain place to quietly listen to the Holy Writings (read, chanted, or sung), while often listening to beautiful music as well. Each school also has a prayer room for personal prayer and reflection, or meditation. Special devotions may be arranged during the school.


Each school has time arranged for recreational activities as well as free time for getting to know one another. Evening activities include, for example, musical recitals, drama, recreational competitions (in a friendly spirit), games, travel stories, poetry readings, and the telling of jokes – always something for everyone!

Depending on the schedule, many schools have a day set aside specifically for recreation. It is often spent swimming or eating near the beach, or just being together.


The preliminary program for the Finnish Summer School 2019 can be viewed here.

Volunteer to Help

School Commitee's email address: kesakoulut(at)

Each school needs volunteers to help, so that the school is a success. You can choose to be a volunteer for various needs listed below – simply choose what you are interested in doing

The Following Services are Needed:

  • Helper for Children's Classes
  • Daily Master of Ceremonies (for announcements, etc. – must know both Finnish and English)
  • Preparing Morning and Evening Devotions (using school participants as readers – about 10 – 15 minutes per devotions)
  • Implementing the Morning and Evening Devotions (Communities may also volunteer)
  • Caretaker for the Prayer Room
  • Evening Program
  • Music
  • Art
  • First Aid
  • Photographer
  • Ready to Volunteer for Any Needed Activity

You can also volunteer to arrange an evening activity or afternoon workshop!

Please send us your offer to volunteer at the Summer School – or any pressing questions – to the School Committee's email address: kesakoulut(at)